About Us

Hello! mikeside it's Ed Lagman.
Ed Love was my radio name during my broadcasting years with DZMB-fm at Manila Broadcasting Company (1981-1983). My co-dj's then were: Annie Buyco [voice-talent for Magnolia ice cream flavor of the month], Archie Chica, Manny Luzon and Sonny Laragan [News Director] just to name a few.

Before joining DZMB-fm, I was rockin' and rollin' with another Top Hits station, DWIZ in Sunshine City, Manila. The WIZ jocks I worked with were: Bimbo Valdes as Bo Bopper Bimbo, Manny Reyes as Mac Roller, Louie Chavez as Brother Louie, Sam Laus as Smarty Sam and the late Freddie Alingod known to many as Freddie Brown. I was the notorious Jack The Ripper. I also had the chance to work with DZXQ, Mabuhay Broadcasting Company and DWLM-fm owned by Mareco Broadcasting Company.

Hi! This is Tony Lagman, brother of Ed Lagman, an avid fan and supporter of Ed. I can still remember back in the Philippines, we used to impress our friends by requesting Ed to dedicate a song, announce an event, birthday greetings, anniversaries…..

Ed and I are involved in a lot of things right now. However, his passion for broadcasting and love for music never really died down. Once in a while, he would do some voice over commercials or would do charitable voice over for religious groups needing his services.

In a recent conversation, radio announcing came up and out of the blue, I encouraged him to go back to broadcasting and that is how “Radio Filipino USA” was born. We hope you can support us by spreading the word around that he is back!
Happy listening!