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Tips on how to use Skype during a live broadcast
In any version of Skype, you will always find a microphone icon (see images on left & below where arrow is pointed to). This microphone can be turned ON & OFF.

For instance, if you wish to clear your throat while in the middle of a live conversation, you can turn off your microphone by just clicking the microphone icon.

To turn back ON your microphone, just click the microphone icon again.

Make sure to always use a headphone or an earphone when participating in our live discussion. This way echo or feedback can be avoided.

Do not listen to the live broadcast while you are doing a live discussion on air. The only application that should be ON would be your Skype. This is important to remember in order to avoid any echo or feedback.

Below are images of other versions of Skype
(click any of the images to enlarge)


Ten guidelines for our radio volunteers

1. As much as possible be in a quiet environment. Before you go on live test your computer set-up be sure everything is working properly. Log on to your skype account and wait for the host to initiate the call.

If your RFUSA website is also open please mute the music player to avoid echo or feedback. Please make a constant effort to check this once in a while specially when you are refreshing the site.

2. If you have to sneeze, or cough, or clear your throat, or somebody enters your room who would like to talk to you, before you do, turn off your mike or mute your mike. Your mikes are so sensitive that even your inhale or exhale done with slight force can be heard on air. While on the air avoid typing or sending messages. Type or send you’re messages while off the air. Again your mikes are so sensitive that it is being picked-up and transmitted on air. It is not a pleasant sound to hear while on live broadcast.

 3. If you are monitoring our live broadcast through your computer or another computer, be sure to mute the live feed before you broadcast to avoid feedbacks and echo while you are broadcasting.

4. Let us limit our inputs to topics being discussed in short sentences and avoid telling long stories. Long stories become very dragging. Let us not indulge in too much self-glorification, we can share our experiences in short and concise way. This will also give others the chance to give their inputs either live or via the message board. Let us respect each others' opinion. Let us remember that there are always 2 sides to a story. Let us not impose our will on others, likewise you do not like others to impose their will on you. Let us be very objective and open minded as much as possible.

 5. The reason for the message board and the phone number is to engage our listeners. To know what they want, what they appreciate. Let us make them feel important by responding to each individual posting and avoid ignoring anybody. Let us all help monitor the message board by refreshing our sites from time to time. Let us give our listeners top priority.

6. We are gradually having some sponsors and media partners on our site this coming year 2014. These people will monitor our programs specially the live broadcast. We have to be extra careful with what we say avoiding profane language, curses or negative words that will turn off our listeners and media partners. Let us avoid making fun of people or even their names let us be very sensitive about this. Let us create an atmosphere that is wholesome and family oriented.

7. The host of each program namely: Ed Lagman, Rico Lagman and Tony Lagman must be given the courtesy to control the program, specially during group broadcasting. Please, do not interrupt somebody who is talking, this is very rude and disrespectful. Each one will have their turn. It is important that all co-broadcasters should always get the cue from the host to speak, if not asked to speak please remain silent. If you want to give your opinion or want to speak, wait until the person speaking pause and mention the name of the host, so he can acknowledge you properly. Not until the host has given you the permission to speak, that you are to start speaking, please remain silent and wait for the cue from the host.

8. We would like each one to be heard as clearly as possible. When we all speak at the same time it is like a market place our listeners cannot understand any word that we are saying, most importantly it does not speak well of our station when we sound like a mob.

 9. If you would like to share an article of interest or news make it brief and mention only important points. Preparation before broadcasting is the key to a very organized and brief report.

10. I would like to make our group as a model for others to follow. If other people would like to join us later, they would know how we broadcast based on what they hear from us, and how we interact with each other.